started dogs

Ripley Started

Looking for a new hunting companion, but don't have time to train or rear the puppy? Our started dogs serve as great pets and excellent hunting companions! We hunt with our started dogs if the hunting season is open here in Wisconsin.


The goal of our Started Dog Program is to give you the most for your money. Our dogs are 9-15 months old and have 4-7 months of training. They become available for adoption upon reaching the stage of "GUN" Dog or ready to hunt.


Our started dogs are raised in our homes, not kennels, which make them great additions to your family's social structure. The pups are house trained and taught basic obedience commands such as "sit," "heel," "here", and "kennel." They are collar conditioned, force fetched, field-worked with ducks, pigeons and pheasants, gun fire and retrieve all game from land or water to hand.


TannerStarted dogs come with many advantages. They are old enough to exhibit the behavior and obedience you will come to enjoy for years to come. Their upbringing will ensure you of a dog ready for any social setting and best of all, they have been extensively trained in the house and field. We not only explain the progress of the young dog, but personally demonstrate it to you in the field.


It should be remembered that our started dogs are basic gun dogs and have been exposed to many crucial aspects of hunting. They are not finished and will need further training to advance to a Finished Gun Dog Level.


We encourage you to continue training your new Gun Dog or Puppy, so you are able to enjoy the experience of a well trained retriever in the home and the field.


Many of our started dogs are sold before reaching the website. If you are interested in acquiring a new gun dog, please contact us by calling (920)-410-0184 (Tom). We will make arrangements in advance if required.